Built-in environment variables

You can access a workflow's environment information using built-in environment variables. Built-in environment variables require no declaration and are available in every workflow execution.

User-defined environment variables are not supported.

List of built-in environment variables

You can use the following built-in environment variables:

  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_NUMBER: The project number of the workflow.
  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID: The project identifier of the workflow.
  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_LOCATION: The location of the workflow.
  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_WORKFLOW_ID: The identifier of the workflow.
  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_WORKFLOW_REVISION_ID: The identifier of the workflow revision.
  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_ID: The identifier of the workflow execution.

Accessing built-in environment variables

To access an environment variable, make a call to sys.get_env() function in an expression, passing the name of the environment variable as a parameter. The name of the environment variable must be passed as a string.

For example, the following step assigns the value of the environment variable GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID to a workflow variable called projectID:

- getProjectID:
      - projectID: ${sys.get_env("GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID")}