The type of Google Cloud Vision API detection to perform, and the maximum number of results to return for that type. Multiple Feature objects can be specified in the features list.

JSON representation
  "type": enum (Type),
  "maxResults": number,
  "model": string

enum (Type)

The feature type.



Maximum number of results of this type. Does not apply to TEXT_DETECTION, DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION, or CROP_HINTS.



Model to use for the feature. Supported values: "builtin/stable" (the default if unset) and "builtin/latest".


Type of Google Cloud Vision API feature to be extracted.

TYPE_UNSPECIFIED Unspecified feature type.
FACE_DETECTION Run face detection.
LANDMARK_DETECTION Run landmark detection.
LOGO_DETECTION Run logo detection.
LABEL_DETECTION Run label detection.
TEXT_DETECTION Run text detection / optical character recognition (OCR). Text detection is optimized for areas of text within a larger image; if the image is a document, use DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION instead.
DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION Run dense text document OCR. Takes precedence when both DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION and TEXT_DETECTION are present.
SAFE_SEARCH_DETECTION Run Safe Search to detect potentially unsafe or undesirable content.
IMAGE_PROPERTIES Compute a set of image properties, such as the image's dominant colors.
CROP_HINTS Run crop hints.
WEB_DETECTION Run web detection.
OBJECT_LOCALIZATION Run localizer for object detection.