Usage Limits

This document contains current API restrictions and usage limits on use of the Cloud Vision API. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to these restrictions and usage limits.

Content Limits

The Google Cloud Vision API enforces the following usage limits on customers:

Type of Limit Usage Limit
MB per image 4 MB
MB per request 8 MB
Requests per second 10
Requests per feature per day 700,000
Requests per feature per month 20,000,000
Images per second 8
Images per request 16

These limits apply to each Vision API developer project and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using a given a developer project.

Request Limits

In addition, the Cloud Vision API limits the number of requests you can make to the service within any given billable month. Each feature applied to an image within a request is a billable unit and counts towards this limit. For example, if you apply Face Detection and Label Detection to the same image, each feature would count as a unit towards billing and your project quota.

The Vision API is limited to 20 million units for any given billable month.

For customer projects that process more than 20 million units per month, we would like to understand more about your needs and may be able to build custom solutions. Please submit a Cloud Vision API Quota Request for your project here: Cloud Vision API Quota Request.

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