Adding Cloud Client Libraries to Your Maven Projects

This document describes how to add Cloud Client Libraries for Java to your Maven project using Cloud Tools for IntelliJ.

Before You Begin

Follow the Quickstart to install and setup IntelliJ IDEA.

Adding the Cloud Client Libraries

To add libraries to your project in IntelliJ:

  1. Select Tools > Google Cloud Tools > Add Cloud libraries.

    The Add Cloud Libraries dialog displays the supported libraries.

    Screenshot showing the Add Cloud Libraries dialog. This dialog
 provides a drop-down menu to select a module to add the libraries to,
 displays the list of APIs available to add, and provides a work area that
 displays information about the API.

  2. In the GCP Project: field, be sure that the right project and account are shown. If not, click the ellipse to pick the correct project and account.

  3. In the Add Client Library to Module drop-down menu, select the module that you want to add the library to.

  4. Select the checkbox for each library you want to add.

  5. Click Add Client Library.

  6. Click OK to confirm.

    IntelliJ updates your pom.xml with the dependencies for your selected libraries and enables the APIs on the Google Cloud Platform.

What's next

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