Using Cloud Logging

You can use Cloud Logging with Cloud Tasks queues.

Turning on logging

Cloud Logging can be turned on using a flag with either gcloud create or update:

gcloud tasks queues create [QUEUE_ID] --log-sampling-ratio=1.0


gcloud tasks queues update [QUEUE_ID] --log-sampling-ratio=1.0

where the log-sampling-ratio value indicates what percentage of the operations on the queue are logged. Setting it to any value between 1.0 and 0.0 logs that fraction of operations, where 1.0 logs all the operations and 0.0 logs none of them. 0.0 is the default setting.

Turning off logging

Turn off logging by setting the flag to 0.0.

gcloud tasks queues update [QUEUE_ID] --log-sampling-ratio=0.0

Logged operations

The following operations are logged:

  • Task Operations
    • CreateTask
    • DeleteTask
  • Attempt Operations
    • AttemptDispatch
    • AttemptResponse

Viewing logs

To see the logs, go to the Logging > Logs Viewer page in the Cloud Console:

Go to the Logs Viewer page

For more information on reading the logs page, see Viewing logs.