Set the connection timeout when using Node.js

Configure a connection timeout when connecting to Cloud SQL for MySQL by using the Node.js npm mysql module.

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// 'connectTimeout' is the maximum number of milliseconds before a timeout
// occurs during the initial connection to the database.
connectTimeout: 10000, // 10 seconds
// 'acquireTimeout' is the maximum number of milliseconds to wait when
// checking out a connection from the pool before a timeout error occurs.
acquireTimeout: 10000, // 10 seconds
// 'waitForConnections' determines the pool's action when no connections are
// free. If true, the request will queued and a connection will be presented
// when ready. If false, the pool will call back with an error.
waitForConnections: true, // Default: true
// 'queueLimit' is the maximum number of requests for connections the pool
// will queue at once before returning an error. If 0, there is no limit.
queueLimit: 0, // Default: 0

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