Pricing and Quotas


Google Service Control is a paid service with the following pricing model:

Tracked Operations per month per billing account Cost per Million Tracked Operations
0-2M $0.00
2M+ $3.00

For each call to received by Google Service Control (from the Google Cloud Endpoints proxy or otherwise), the number of Tracked Operations charged will be equal to the maximum of one and the sum of Tracked Operations across all of the Operations included in the call. For each Operation, the number of Tracked Operations will be equal to the maximum of one or the number of log entries in the Operation.


This section describes the Google Service Control's quota limits. Please fill out this form if you need to increase any of the limits listed in this document.

Rate limits

There is a limit of 1,000,000 quota units per 100 seconds per service producer project. One quota unit is consumed for each call to services.check and for each operation reported via

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