Policy Troubleshooter V3 API - Module Google::Cloud::PolicyTroubleshooter::Iam::V3::DenyAccessState (v0.3.2)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Policy Troubleshooter V3 API module Google::Cloud::PolicyTroubleshooter::Iam::V3::DenyAccessState.

Whether IAM deny policies deny the principal the permission.



value: 0
Not specified.


value: 1
The deny policy denies the principal the permission.


value: 2
The deny policy doesn't deny the principal the permission.


value: 3
The deny policy denies the principal the permission if a condition expression evaluates to true. However, the sender of the request didn't provide enough context for Policy Troubleshooter to evaluate the condition expression.


value: 4
The sender of the request does not have access to all of the deny policies that Policy Troubleshooter needs to evaluate the principal's access.