Google Cloud Memorystore for Memcached V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Memcache::V1::CloudMemcache (v0.3.0)

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Reference documentation and code samples for the Google Cloud Memorystore for Memcached V1 API module Google::Cloud::Memcache::V1::CloudMemcache.

Configures and manages Cloud Memorystore for Memcached instances.

The service implements the Google Cloud Memorystore for Memcached API and defines the following resource model for managing Memorystore Memcached (also called Memcached below) instances:

  • The service works with a collection of cloud projects, named: /projects/
  • Each project has a collection of available locations, named: /locations/
  • Each location has a collection of Memcached instances, named: /instances/*
  • As such, Memcached instances are resources of the form: /projects/{project_id}/locations/{location_id}/instances/{instance_id}

Note that location_id must be a GCP region; for example:

  • projects/my-memcached-project/locations/us-central1/instances/my-memcached

To load this service and instantiate a client:

require "google/cloud/memcache/v1/cloud_memcache"
client =