Cloud Firestore V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Firestore::V1::TargetChange::TargetChangeType (v0.5.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Firestore V1 API module Google::Cloud::Firestore::V1::TargetChange::TargetChangeType.

The type of change.



value: 0
No change has occurred. Used only to send an updated resume_token.


value: 1
The targets have been added.


value: 2
The targets have been removed.


value: 3
The targets reflect all changes committed before the targets were added to the stream.

This will be sent after or with a read_time that is greater than or equal to the time at which the targets were added.

Listeners can wait for this change if read-after-write semantics are desired.


value: 4
The targets have been reset, and a new initial state for the targets will be returned in subsequent changes.

After the initial state is complete, CURRENT will be returned even if the target was previously indicated to be CURRENT.