AlloyDB V1ALPHA API - Module Google::Cloud::AlloyDB::V1alpha::Instance::InstanceType (v0.1.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the AlloyDB V1ALPHA API module Google::Cloud::AlloyDB::V1alpha::Instance::InstanceType.

Type of an Instance



value: 0
The type of the instance is unknown.


value: 1
PRIMARY instances support read and write operations.


value: 2

READ POOL instances support read operations only. Each read pool instance consists of one or more homogeneous nodes.

  • Read pool of size 1 can only have zonal availability.
  • Read pools with node count of 2 or more can have regional availability (nodes are present in 2 or more zones in a region).


value: 3
SECONDARY instances support read operations only. SECONDARY instance is a cross-region read replica