Listing and Deleting Routers

List all of the Cloud Router routers in your project or delete the ones that you don't use.

Listing routers

To list all of the Cloud Router in a project, complete the following steps:


Go to the Cloud Router page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Cloud Router list


gcloud compute --project [PROJECT_ID] routers list
my-router asia-east1 my-network

To restrict the list to only one region, specify --region.

Deleting routers

Before you can delete a router, check that it's not being used by another resource, such as a VPN tunnel or interconnect attachment. You must delete the associated resource before you can delete the router.

You're not required to remove BGP sessions before deleting the router.


  1. Go to the Cloud Router list.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the Cloud Router you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.


gcloud compute --project [PROJECT_ID] routers delete my-router \
    --region asia-east1
Deleted [[PROJECT_ID]/regions/asia-east1/routers/my-router].

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