Setup overview for mobile applications

This document provides a high-level overview of setting up reCAPTCHA Enterprise on mobile applications.

Setting up reCAPTCHA Enterprise on a mobile application involves the following steps:

  1. Create a reCAPTCHA key (key).

    Key is required to information about the user actions and send it to reCAPTCHA Enterprise. Create score-based keys for your mobile applications.

  2. Integrate with your frontend.

    Install the key that you created on your mobile applications by using the reCAPTCHA Enterprise mobile SDK.

  3. Integrate with your backend:

    1. To verify the token sent by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and assess the risk, create assessments from your backend server.
    2. Interpret the assessment scores and the associated risk, and define how to handle users, for example, allow the user to log in only when the score is high and the risk is low.

What's next