Class Finding (1.11.0)

Finding(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A Finding resource represents a vulnerability instance identified during a ScanRun.


name str
The resource name of the Finding. The name follows the format of 'projects/{projectId}/scanConfigs/{scanConfigId}/scanruns/{scanRunId}/findings/{findingId}'. The finding IDs are generated by the system.
The type of the Finding.
http_method str
The http method of the request that triggered the vulnerability, in uppercase.
fuzzed_url str
The URL produced by the server-side fuzzer and used in the request that triggered the vulnerability.
body str
The body of the request that triggered the vulnerability.
description str
The description of the vulnerability.
reproduction_url str
The URL containing human-readable payload that user can leverage to reproduce the vulnerability.
frame_url str
If the vulnerability was originated from nested IFrame, the immediate parent IFrame is reported.
final_url str
The URL where the browser lands when the vulnerability is detected.
tracking_id str
The tracking ID uniquely identifies a vulnerability instance across multiple ScanRuns.
An addon containing information about outdated libraries.
An addon containing detailed information regarding any resource causing the vulnerability such as JavaScript sources, image, audio files, etc.
An addon containing information about vulnerable or missing HTTP headers.
An addon containing information about request parameters which were found to be vulnerable.
An addon containing information reported for an XSS, if any.




Types of Findings.