Class Type (3.5.0)


Face landmark (feature) type. Left and right are defined from the vantage of the viewer of the image without considering mirror projections typical of photos. So, LEFT_EYE, typically, is the person's right eye.

Values: UNKNOWN_LANDMARK (0): Unknown face landmark detected. Should not be filled. LEFT_EYE (1): Left eye. RIGHT_EYE (2): Right eye. LEFT_OF_LEFT_EYEBROW (3): Left of left eyebrow. RIGHT_OF_LEFT_EYEBROW (4): Right of left eyebrow. LEFT_OF_RIGHT_EYEBROW (5): Left of right eyebrow. RIGHT_OF_RIGHT_EYEBROW (6): Right of right eyebrow. MIDPOINT_BETWEEN_EYES (7): Midpoint between eyes. NOSE_TIP (8): Nose tip. UPPER_LIP (9): Upper lip. LOWER_LIP (10): Lower lip. MOUTH_LEFT (11): Mouth left. MOUTH_RIGHT (12): Mouth right. MOUTH_CENTER (13): Mouth center. NOSE_BOTTOM_RIGHT (14): Nose, bottom right. NOSE_BOTTOM_LEFT (15): Nose, bottom left. NOSE_BOTTOM_CENTER (16): Nose, bottom center. LEFT_EYE_TOP_BOUNDARY (17): Left eye, top boundary. LEFT_EYE_RIGHT_CORNER (18): Left eye, right corner. LEFT_EYE_BOTTOM_BOUNDARY (19): Left eye, bottom boundary. LEFT_EYE_LEFT_CORNER (20): Left eye, left corner. RIGHT_EYE_TOP_BOUNDARY (21): Right eye, top boundary. RIGHT_EYE_RIGHT_CORNER (22): Right eye, right corner. RIGHT_EYE_BOTTOM_BOUNDARY (23): Right eye, bottom boundary. RIGHT_EYE_LEFT_CORNER (24): Right eye, left corner. LEFT_EYEBROW_UPPER_MIDPOINT (25): Left eyebrow, upper midpoint. RIGHT_EYEBROW_UPPER_MIDPOINT (26): Right eyebrow, upper midpoint. LEFT_EAR_TRAGION (27): Left ear tragion. RIGHT_EAR_TRAGION (28): Right ear tragion. LEFT_EYE_PUPIL (29): Left eye pupil. RIGHT_EYE_PUPIL (30): Right eye pupil. FOREHEAD_GLABELLA (31): Forehead glabella. CHIN_GNATHION (32): Chin gnathion. CHIN_LEFT_GONION (33): Chin left gonion. CHIN_RIGHT_GONION (34): Chin right gonion.