Class SpeechTranscriptionConfig (2.3.3)

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SpeechTranscriptionConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Config for SPEECH_TRANSCRIPTION. .. attribute:: language_code

Required. Required The language of the supplied audio as a BCP-47 <> language tag. Example: "en-US". See Language Support <> for a list of the currently supported language codes.

:type: str


max_alternatives int
Optional. Maximum number of recognition hypotheses to be returned. Specifically, the maximum number of ``SpeechRecognitionAlternative`` messages within each ``SpeechTranscription``. The server may return fewer than ``max_alternatives``. Valid values are ``0``-``30``. A value of ``0`` or ``1`` will return a maximum of one. If omitted, will return a maximum of one.
filter_profanity bool
Optional. If set to ``true``, the server will attempt to filter out profanities, replacing all but the initial character in each filtered word with asterisks, e.g. "f***". If set to ``false`` or omitted, profanities won't be filtered out.
speech_contexts Sequence[]
Optional. A means to provide context to assist the speech recognition.
enable_automatic_punctuation bool
Optional. If 'true', adds punctuation to recognition result hypotheses. This feature is only available in select languages. Setting this for requests in other languages has no effect at all. The default 'false' value does not add punctuation to result hypotheses. NOTE: "This is currently offered as an experimental service, complimentary to all users. In the future this may be exclusively available as a premium feature.".
audio_tracks Sequence[int]
Optional. For file formats, such as MXF or MKV, supporting multiple audio tracks, specify up to two tracks. Default: track 0.
enable_speaker_diarization bool
Optional. If 'true', enables speaker detection for each recognized word in the top alternative of the recognition result using a speaker_tag provided in the WordInfo. Note: When this is true, we send all the words from the beginning of the audio for the top alternative in every consecutive response. This is done in order to improve our speaker tags as our models learn to identify the speakers in the conversation over time.
diarization_speaker_count int
Optional. If set, specifies the estimated number of speakers in the conversation. If not set, defaults to '2'. Ignored unless enable_speaker_diarization is set to true.
enable_word_confidence bool
Optional. If ``true``, the top result includes a list of words and the confidence for those words. If ``false``, no word-level confidence information is returned. The default is ``false``.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > SpeechTranscriptionConfig