Class AnnotateVideoRequest (2.3.3)

AnnotateVideoRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Video annotation request. .. attribute:: input_uri

Input video location. Currently, only Google Cloud Storage <> URIs are supported, which must be specified in the following format: gs://bucket-id/object-id (other URI formats return google.rpc.Code.INVALID_ARGUMENT][google.rpc.Code.INVALID_ARGUMENT]). For more information, see Request URIs <>. A video URI may include wildcards in object-id, and thus identify multiple videos. Supported wildcards: '*' to match 0 or more characters; '?' to match 1 character. If unset, the input video should be embedded in the request as input_content. If set, input_content should be unset.

:type: str


input_content bytes
The video data bytes. If unset, the input video(s) should be specified via input_uri. If set, input_uri should be unset.
features Sequence[]
Required. Requested video annotation features.
Additional video context and/or feature- pecific parameters.
output_uri str
Optional. Location where the output (in JSON format) should be stored. Currently, only `Google Cloud Storage
location_id str
Optional. Cloud region where annotation should take place. Supported cloud regions: us-east1, us-west1, europe-west1, asia-east1. If no region is specified, a region will be determined based on video file location.