Class ObjectTrackingAnnotation (2.3.3)

ObjectTrackingAnnotation(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Annotations corresponding to one tracked object. .. attribute:: segment

Non-streaming batch mode ONLY. Each object track corresponds to one video segment where it appears.



track_id int
Streaming mode ONLY. In streaming mode, we do not know the end time of a tracked object before it is completed. Hence, there is no VideoSegment info returned. Instead, we provide a unique identifiable integer track_id so that the customers can correlate the results of the ongoing ObjectTrackAnnotation of the same track_id over time.
Entity to specify the object category that this track is labeled as.
confidence float
Object category's labeling confidence of this track.
frames Sequence[]
Information corresponding to all frames where this object track appears. Non-streaming batch mode: it may be one or multiple ObjectTrackingFrame messages in frames. Streaming mode: it can only be one ObjectTrackingFrame message in frames.