Class State (1.13.0)


Represents the different states of a TPU node during its lifecycle.

Values: STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): TPU node state is not known/set. CREATING (1): TPU node is being created. READY (2): TPU node has been created. RESTARTING (3): TPU node is restarting. REIMAGING (4): TPU node is undergoing reimaging. DELETING (5): TPU node is being deleted. REPAIRING (6): TPU node is being repaired and may be unusable. Details can be found in the help_description field. STOPPED (8): TPU node is stopped. STOPPING (9): TPU node is currently stopping. STARTING (10): TPU node is currently starting. PREEMPTED (11): TPU node has been preempted. Only applies to Preemptible TPU Nodes. TERMINATED (12): TPU node has been terminated due to maintenance or has reached the end of its life cycle (for preemptible nodes). HIDING (13): TPU node is currently hiding. HIDDEN (14): TPU node has been hidden. UNHIDING (15): TPU node is currently unhiding.