Class CustomRankingInfo (2.7.3)

CustomRankingInfo(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Custom ranking information for SearchJobsRequest.


Required. Controls over how important the score of CustomRankingInfo.ranking_expression gets applied to job's final ranking position. An error is thrown if not specified.
ranking_expression str
Required. Controls over how job documents get ranked on top of existing relevance score (determined by API algorithm). A combination of the ranking expression and relevance score is used to determine job's final ranking position. The syntax for this expression is a subset of Google SQL syntax. Supported operators are: +, -, \*, /, where the left and right side of the operator is either a numeric Job.custom_attributes key, integer/double value or an expression that can be evaluated to a number. Parenthesis are supported to adjust calculation precedence. The expression must be < 200="" characters="" in="" length.="" the="" expression="" is="" considered="" invalid="" for="" a="" job="" if="" the="" expression="" references="" custom="" attributes="" that="" are="" not="" populated="" on="" the="" job="" or="" if="" the="" expression="" results="" in="" a="" divide="" by="" zero.="" if="" an="" expression="" is="" invalid="" for="" a="" job,="" that="" job="" is="" demoted="" to="" the="" end="" of="" the="" results.="" sample="" ranking="" expression="" (year="" +="" 25)="" \*="" 0.25="" -="" (freshness="" 0.5)="">




The importance level for CustomRankingInfo.ranking_expression.