Class BatchUpdateJobsRequest (1.0.2)

BatchUpdateJobsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request to update a batch of jobs.


parent str
Required. The resource name of the tenant under which the job is created. The format is "projects/{project_id}/tenants/{tenant_id}". For example, "projects/foo/tenant/bar". If tenant id is unspecified, a default tenant is created. For example, "projects/foo".
jobs Sequence[.gct_job.Job]
Required. The jobs to be updated.
update_mask .field_mask.FieldMask
Strongly recommended for the best service experience. Be aware that it will also increase latency when checking the status of a batch operation. If update_mask is provided, only the specified fields in Job are updated. Otherwise all the fields are updated. A field mask to restrict the fields that are updated. Only top level fields of Job are supported. If update_mask is provided, The Job inside JobResult will only contains fields that is updated, plus the Id of the Job. Otherwise, Job will include all fields, which can yield a very large response.