Class SpeechContext (2.20.1)

SpeechContext(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Provides "hints" to the speech recognizer to favor specific words and phrases in the results.


phrases MutableSequence[str]
A list of strings containing words and phrases "hints" so that the speech recognition is more likely to recognize them. This can be used to improve the accuracy for specific words and phrases, for example, if specific commands are typically spoken by the user. This can also be used to add additional words to the vocabulary of the recognizer. See `usage limits
boost float
Hint Boost. Positive value will increase the probability that a specific phrase will be recognized over other similar sounding phrases. The higher the boost, the higher the chance of false positive recognition as well. Negative boost values would correspond to anti-biasing. Anti-biasing is not enabled, so negative boost will simply be ignored. Though boost can accept a wide range of positive values, most use cases are best served with values between 0 and 20. We recommend using a binary search approach to finding the optimal value for your use case.