Class AccessReview (1.21.0)

AccessReview(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Conveys information about a Kubernetes access review (e.g. kubectl auth can-i ...) that was involved in a finding.


group str
Group is the API Group of the Resource. "*" means all.
ns str
Namespace of the action being requested. Currently, there is no distinction between no namespace and all namespaces. Both are represented by "" (empty).
name str
Name is the name of the resource being requested. Empty means all.
resource str
Resource is the optional resource type requested. "*" means all.
subresource str
Subresource is the optional subresource type.
verb str
Verb is a Kubernetes resource API verb, like: get, list, watch, create, update, delete, proxy. "*" means all.
version str
Version is the API Version of the Resource. "*" means all.