Class Finding (0.5.0)

Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) finding.

A finding is a record of assessment data like security, risk, health, or privacy, that is ingested into Cloud SCC for presentation, notification, analysis, policy testing, and enforcement. For example, a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in an App Engine application is a finding.

The relative resource name of the source the finding belongs to. See: relative_resource_name This field is immutable after creation time. For example: "organizations/{organization_id}/sources/{source_id}"

The state of the finding.

The URI that, if available, points to a web page outside of Cloud SCC where additional information about the finding can be found. This field is guaranteed to be either empty or a well formed URL.

Output only. User specified security marks. These marks are entirely managed by the user and come from the SecurityMarks resource that belongs to the finding.

The time at which the finding was created in Cloud SCC.



API documentation for securitycenter_v1.types.Finding.SourcePropertiesEntry class.