Class MerchantCenterLink (1.15.0)

MerchantCenterLink(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents a link between a Merchant Center account and a branch. Once a link is established, products from the linked merchant center account will be streamed to the linked branch.


merchant_center_account_id int
Required. The linked `Merchant center account ID
branch_id str
The branch ID (e.g. 0/1/2) within this catalog that products from merchant_center_account_id are streamed to. When updating this field, an empty value will use the currently configured default branch. However, changing the default branch later on won't change the linked branch here. A single branch ID can only have one linked merchant center account ID.
destinations MutableSequence[str]
String representing the destination to import for, all if left empty. List of possible values is given in `Included destination
region_code str
Region code of offers to accept. 2-letter Uppercase ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. List of values can be found here __ under the region tag. If left blank no region filtering will be performed. Example value: US.
language_code str
Language of the title/description and other string attributes. Use language tags defined by `BCP 47
feeds MutableSequence[]
Criteria for the Merchant Center feeds to be ingested via the link. All offers will be ingested if the list is empty. Otherwise the offers will be ingested from selected feeds.