Class BigQueryConfig (2.17.0)

BigQueryConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Configuration for a BigQuery subscription.


table str
The name of the table to which to write data, of the form {projectId}.{datasetId}.{tableId}
use_topic_schema bool
When true, use the topic's schema as the columns to write to in BigQuery, if it exists.
write_metadata bool
When true, write the subscription name, message_id, publish_time, attributes, and ordering_key to additional columns in the table. The subscription name, message_id, and publish_time fields are put in their own columns while all other message properties (other than data) are written to a JSON object in the attributes column.
drop_unknown_fields bool
When true and use_topic_schema is true, any fields that are a part of the topic schema that are not part of the BigQuery table schema are dropped when writing to BigQuery. Otherwise, the schemas must be kept in sync and any messages with extra fields are not written and remain in the subscription's backlog.
state google.pubsub_v1.types.BigQueryConfig.State
Output only. An output-only field that indicates whether or not the subscription can receive messages.




Possible states for a BigQuery subscription.

Values: STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. This value is unused. ACTIVE (1): The subscription can actively send messages to BigQuery PERMISSION_DENIED (2): Cannot write to the BigQuery table because of permission denied errors. This can happen if

    -  Pub/Sub SA has not been granted the `appropriate BigQuery
       permissions <>`__
    - API is not enabled for the
       (`instructions <>`__)
    Cannot write to the BigQuery table because it
    does not exist.
    Cannot write to the BigQuery table due to a
    schema mismatch.