Class OSPolicyCompliance (1.17.2)

OSPolicyCompliance(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Compliance data for an OS policy


os_policy_id str
The OS policy id
The compliance state of the OS policy.
compliance_state_reason str
The reason for the OS policy to be in an unknown compliance state. This field is always populated when compliance_state is UNKNOWN. If populated, the field can contain one of the following values: - vm-not-running: The VM was not running. - os-policies-not-supported-by-agent: The version of the OS Config agent running on the VM does not support running OS policies. - no-agent-detected: The OS Config agent is not detected for the VM. - resource-execution-errors: The OS Config agent encountered errors while executing one or more resources in the policy. See os_policy_resource_compliances for details. - task-timeout: The task sent to the agent to apply the policy timed out. - unexpected-agent-state: The OS Config agent did not report the final status of the task that attempted to apply the policy. Instead, the agent unexpectedly started working on a different task. This mostly happens when the agent or VM unexpectedly restarts while applying OS policies. - internal-service-errors: Internal service errors were encountered while attempting to apply the policy.
os_policy_resource_compliances MutableSequence[]
Compliance data for each resource within the policy that is applied to the VM.




Possible compliance states for an os policy.

Values: UNKNOWN (0): The policy is in an unknown compliance state.

    Refer to the field `compliance_state_reason` to learn the
    exact reason for the policy to be in this compliance state.
    Policy is compliant.

    The policy is compliant if all the underlying
    resources are also compliant.
    Policy is non-compliant.

    The policy is non-compliant if one or more
    underlying resources are non-compliant.


OSPolicyResourceCompliance(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)