Class ZypperSettings (1.16.0)

ZypperSettings(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Zypper patching is performed by running zypper patch. See also


with_optional bool
Adds the --with-optional flag to zypper patch.
with_update bool
Adds the --with-update flag, to zypper patch.
categories MutableSequence[str]
Install only patches with these categories. Common categories include security, recommended, and feature.
severities MutableSequence[str]
Install only patches with these severities. Common severities include critical, important, moderate, and low.
excludes MutableSequence[str]
List of patches to exclude from update.
exclusive_patches MutableSequence[str]
An exclusive list of patches to be updated. These are the only patches that will be installed using 'zypper patch patch: