Class MonthlySchedule (1.10.0)

MonthlySchedule(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents a monthly schedule. An example of a valid monthly schedule is "on the third Tuesday of the month" or "on the 15th of the month".

This message has oneof_ fields (mutually exclusive fields). For each oneof, at most one member field can be set at the same time. Setting any member of the oneof automatically clears all other members.

.. _oneof:


Required. Week day in a month. This field is a member of oneof_ day_of_month.
month_day int
Required. One day of the month. 1-31 indicates the 1st to the 31st day. -1 indicates the last day of the month. Months without the target day will be skipped. For example, a schedule to run "every month on the 31st" will not run in February, April, June, etc. This field is a member of oneof_ day_of_month.