Class Level (1.8.2)


Expresses the different constraint relaxation levels, which are applied for a visit and those that follow when it satisfies the threshold conditions.

The enumeration below is in order of increasing relaxation.

Values: LEVEL_UNSPECIFIED (0): Implicit default relaxation level: no constraints are relaxed, i.e., all visits are fully constrained.

    This value must not be explicitly used in `level`.
    Visit start times and vehicle start/end times
    will be relaxed, but each visit remains bound to
    the same vehicle and the visit sequence must be
    observed: no visit can be inserted between them
    or before them.
    Same as `RELAX_VISIT_TIMES_AFTER_THRESHOLD`, but the visit
    sequence is also relaxed: visits can only be performed by
    this vehicle, but can potentially become unperformed.
    but the vehicle is also relaxed: visits are completely free
    at or after the threshold time and can potentially become