Class DeleteAzureNodePoolRequest (0.6.8)

DeleteAzureNodePoolRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for AzureClusters.DeleteAzureNodePool method.


name str
Required. The resource name the AzureNodePool to delete. AzureNodePool names are formatted as projects/. See `Resource Names
validate_only bool
If set, only validate the request, but do not actually delete the node pool.
allow_missing bool
If set to true, and the AzureNodePool resource is not found, the request will succeed but no action will be taken on the server and a completed Operation][google.longrunning.Operation] will be returned. Useful for idempotent deletion.
etag str
The current ETag of the AzureNodePool. Allows clients to perform deletions through optimistic concurrency control. If the provided ETag does not match the current etag of the node pool, the request will fail and an ABORTED error will be returned.