Class CollectionGroup

Represents a Collection Group in the Firestore API.

This is a specialization of .Query that includes all documents in the database that are contained in a collection or subcollection of the given parent.


builtins.object > BaseQuery > Query > builtins.object > BaseQuery > BaseCollectionGroup > CollectionGroup



get_partitions(partition_count, retry: google.api_core.retry.Retry = <_MethodDefault._DEFAULT_VALUE: <object object>>, timeout: Optional[float] = None)

Partition a query for parallelization.

Partitions a query by returning partition cursors that can be used to run the query in parallel. The returned partition cursors are split points that can be used as starting/end points for the query results.

retry google.api_core.retry.Retry

Designation of what errors, if any, should be retried. Defaults to a system-specified policy.

timeout float

The timeout for this request. Defaults to a system-specified value.

partition_count int

The desired maximum number of partition points. The number must be strictly positive. The actual number of partitions returned may be fewer.