Module base_document (2.6.1)

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Classes for representing documents for the Google Cloud Firestore API.



BaseDocumentReference(*path, **kwargs)

A reference to a document in a Firestore database.

The document may already exist or can be created by this class.

path Tuple[str, ...]

The components in the document path. This is a series of strings representing each collection and sub-collection ID, as well as the document IDs for any documents that contain a sub-collection (as well as the base document).

kwargs dict

The keyword arguments for the constructor. The only supported keyword is client and it must be a Client. It represents the client that created this document reference.

ValueErrorif * the ``path`` is empty * there are an even number of elements * a collection ID in ``path`` is not a string * a document ID in ``path`` is not a string
TypeErrorIf a keyword other than ``client`` is used.


DocumentSnapshot(reference, data, exists, read_time, create_time, update_time)

A snapshot of document data in a Firestore database.

This represents data retrieved at a specific time and may not contain all fields stored for the document (i.e. a hand-picked selection of fields may have been retrieved).

Instances of this class are not intended to be constructed by hand, rather they'll be returned as responses to various methods, such as xref_get.

reference DocumentReference

A document reference corresponding to the document that contains the data in this snapshot.

data Dict[str, Any]

The data retrieved in the snapshot.

exists bool

Indicates if the document existed at the time the snapshot was retrieved.

read_time `proto.datetime_helpers.DatetimeWithNanoseconds`

The time that this snapshot was read from the server.

create_time `proto.datetime_helpers.DatetimeWithNanoseconds`

The time that this document was created.

update_time `proto.datetime_helpers.DatetimeWithNanoseconds`

The time that this document was last updated.