Module async_document (2.15.0)

Classes for representing documents for the Google Cloud Firestore API.



AsyncDocumentReference(*path, **kwargs)

A reference to a document in a Firestore database.

The document may already exist or can be created by this class.

path Tuple[str, ...]

The components in the document path. This is a series of strings representing each collection and sub-collection ID, as well as the document IDs for any documents that contain a sub-collection (as well as the base document).

kwargs dict

The keyword arguments for the constructor. The only supported keyword is client and it must be a Client. It represents the client that created this document reference.

ValueErrorif * the path is empty * there are an even number of elements * a collection ID in path is not a string * a document ID in path is not a string
TypeErrorIf a keyword other than client is used.