Module client (2.9.1)

API documentation for module.



FirestoreAdminClient(*, credentials: Optional[google.auth.credentials.Credentials] = None, transport: Optional[Union[str,]] = None, client_options: Optional[Union[google.api_core.client_options.ClientOptions, dict]] = None, client_info: google.api_core.gapic_v1.client_info.ClientInfo = <google.api_core.gapic_v1.client_info.ClientInfo object>)

The Cloud Firestore Admin API.

This API provides several administrative services for Cloud Firestore.

Project, Database, Namespace, Collection, Collection Group, and Document are used as defined in the Google Cloud Firestore API.

Operation: An Operation represents work being performed in the background.

The index service manages Cloud Firestore indexes.

Index creation is performed asynchronously. An Operation resource is created for each such asynchronous operation. The state of the operation (including any errors encountered) may be queried via the Operation resource.

The Operations collection provides a record of actions performed for the specified Project (including any Operations in progress). Operations are not created directly but through calls on other collections or resources.

An Operation that is done may be deleted so that it is no longer listed as part of the Operation collection. Operations are garbage collected after 30 days. By default, ListOperations will only return in progress and failed operations. To list completed operation, issue a ListOperations request with the filter done: true.

Operations are created by service FirestoreAdmin, but are accessed via service google.longrunning.Operations.