Class State (1.6.0)


Possible states of a Registration.

Values: STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): The state is undefined. REGISTRATION_PENDING (1): The domain is being registered. REGISTRATION_FAILED (2): The domain registration failed. You can delete resources in this state to allow registration to be retried. TRANSFER_PENDING (3): The domain is being transferred from another registrar to Cloud Domains. TRANSFER_FAILED (4): The attempt to transfer the domain from another registrar to Cloud Domains failed. You can delete resources in this state and retry the transfer. ACTIVE (6): The domain is registered and operational. The domain renews automatically as long as it remains in this state. SUSPENDED (7): The domain is suspended and inoperative. For more details, see the issues field. EXPORTED (8): The domain is no longer managed with Cloud Domains. It may have been transferred to another registrar or exported for management in Google Domains <>__. You can no longer update it with this API, and information shown about it may be stale. Domains in this state are not automatically renewed by Cloud Domains.