Class Barcode (2.20.0)

Barcode(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Encodes the detailed information of a barcode.


format_ str
Format of a barcode. The supported formats are: - CODE_128: Code 128 type. - CODE_39: Code 39 type. - CODE_93: Code 93 type. - CODABAR: Codabar type. - DATA_MATRIX: 2D Data Matrix type. - ITF: ITF type. - EAN_13: EAN-13 type. - EAN_8: EAN-8 type. - QR_CODE: 2D QR code type. - UPC_A: UPC-A type. - UPC_E: UPC-E type. - PDF417: PDF417 type. - AZTEC: 2D Aztec code type. - DATABAR: GS1 DataBar code type.
value_format str
Value format describes the format of the value that a barcode encodes. The supported formats are: - CONTACT_INFO: Contact information. - EMAIL: Email address. - ISBN: ISBN identifier. - PHONE: Phone number. - PRODUCT: Product. - SMS: SMS message. - TEXT: Text string. - URL: URL address. - WIFI: Wifi information. - GEO: Geo-localization. - CALENDAR_EVENT: Calendar event. - DRIVER_LICENSE: Driver's license.
raw_value str
Raw value encoded in the barcode. For example: 'MEBKM:TITLE:Google;URL:;;'.