Class TransformationType (3.14.0rc0)


An enum of rules that can be used to transform a value. Can be a record suppression, or one of the transformation rules specified under PrimitiveTransformation.

Values: TRANSFORMATION_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unused RECORD_SUPPRESSION (1): Record suppression REPLACE_VALUE (2): Replace value REPLACE_DICTIONARY (15): Replace value using a dictionary. REDACT (3): Redact CHARACTER_MASK (4): Character mask CRYPTO_REPLACE_FFX_FPE (5): FFX-FPE FIXED_SIZE_BUCKETING (6): Fixed size bucketing BUCKETING (7): Bucketing REPLACE_WITH_INFO_TYPE (8): Replace with info type TIME_PART (9): Time part CRYPTO_HASH (10): Crypto hash DATE_SHIFT (12): Date shift CRYPTO_DETERMINISTIC_CONFIG (13): Deterministic crypto REDACT_IMAGE (14): Redact image