Class StorageConfig (0.15.1)

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Shared message indicating Cloud storage type.

Google Cloud Storage options.

Hybrid inspection options. Early access feature is in a pre- release state and might change or have limited support. For more information, see


builtins.object > google.protobuf.pyext._message.CMessage > builtins.object > google.protobuf.message.Message > StorageConfig



Configuration of the timespan of the items to include in scanning. Currently only supported when inspecting Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery.

Exclude files or rows newer than this value. If set to zero, no upper time limit is applied.

When the job is started by a JobTrigger we will automatically figure out a valid start_time to avoid scanning files that have not been modified since the last time the JobTrigger executed. This will be based on the time of the execution of the last run of the JobTrigger.