Class BigQuerySource (0.7.0)

BigQuerySource(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)


partition_date google.type.date_pb2.Date
BigQuery time partitioned table's \_PARTITIONDATE in YYYY-MM-DD format. This field is a member of oneof_ partition.
project_id str
The project ID (can be project # or ID) that the BigQuery source is in with a length limit of 128 characters. If not specified, inherits the project ID from the parent request.
dataset_id str
Required. The BigQuery data set to copy the data from with a length limit of 1,024 characters.
table_id str
Required. The BigQuery table to copy the data from with a length limit of 1,024 characters.
gcs_staging_dir str
Intermediate Cloud Storage directory used for the import with a length limit of 2,000 characters. Can be specified if one wants to have the BigQuery export to a specific Cloud Storage directory.
data_schema str
The schema to use when parsing the data from the source. Supported values for user event imports: - user_event (default): One UserEvent per row. Supported values for document imports: - document (default): One Document format per row. Each document must have a valid and one of Document.json_data or Document.struct_data. - custom: One custom data per row in arbitrary format that conforms the defined Schema of the data store. This can only be used by the GENERIC Data Store vertical.