Class Parameter (2.6.0)

Parameter(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents intent parameters. .. attribute:: name

The unique identifier of this parameter.

:type: str


display_name str
Required. The name of the parameter.
value str
Optional. The definition of the parameter value. It can be: - a constant string, - a parameter value defined as $parameter_name, - an original parameter value defined as $parameter_name.original, - a parameter value from some context defined as #context_name.parameter_name.
default_value str
Optional. The default value to use when the value yields an empty result. Default values can be extracted from contexts by using the following syntax: #context_name.parameter_name.
entity_type_display_name str
Optional. The name of the entity type, prefixed with @, that describes values of the parameter. If the parameter is required, this must be provided.
mandatory bool
Optional. Indicates whether the parameter is required. That is, whether the intent cannot be completed without collecting the parameter value.
prompts Sequence[str]
Optional. The collection of prompts that the agent can present to the user in order to collect a value for the parameter.
is_list bool
Optional. Indicates whether the parameter represents a list of values.