Class OutputAudioText (1.15.0)

OutputAudioText(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A text or ssml response that is preferentially used for TTS output audio synthesis, as described in the comment on the ResponseMessage message.

This message has oneof_ fields (mutually exclusive fields). For each oneof, at most one member field can be set at the same time. Setting any member of the oneof automatically clears all other members.

.. _oneof:


text str
The raw text to be synthesized. This field is a member of oneof_ source.
ssml str
The SSML text to be synthesized. For more information, see SSML __. This field is a member of oneof_ source.
allow_playback_interruption bool
Output only. Whether the playback of this message can be interrupted by the end user's speech and the client can then starts the next Dialogflow request.