Module key (2.9.0)

Create / interact with Google Cloud Datastore keys.



Key(*path_args, **kwargs)

An immutable representation of a datastore Key.

.. testsetup:: key-ctor

from import datastore

project = 'my-special-pony' client = datastore.Client(project=project) Key = datastore.Key

parent_key = client.key('Parent', 'foo')

To create a basic key directly:

.. doctest:: key-ctor

Key('EntityKind', 1234, project=project) <Key('EntityKind', 1234), project=...> Key('EntityKind', 'foo', project=project) <Key('EntityKind', 'foo'), project=...>

Though typical usage comes via the xref_key factory:

.. doctest:: key-ctor

client.key('EntityKind', 1234) <Key('EntityKind', 1234), project=...> client.key('EntityKind', 'foo') <Key('EntityKind', 'foo'), project=...>

To create a key with a parent:

.. doctest:: key-ctor

client.key('Parent', 'foo', 'Child', 1234) <Key('Parent', 'foo', 'Child', 1234), project=...> client.key('Child', 1234, parent=parent_key) <Key('Parent', 'foo', 'Child', 1234), project=...>

To create a partial key:

.. doctest:: key-ctor

client.key('Parent', 'foo', 'Child') <Key('Parent', 'foo', 'Child'), project=...>

path_args tuple of string and integer

May represent a partial (odd length) or full (even length) key path.