Class GkeNodePoolTarget (5.1.0)

GkeNodePoolTarget(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

GKE NodePools that Dataproc workloads run on.


node_pool str
Required. The target GKE NodePool. Format: 'projects/{project}/locations/{location}/clusters/{cluster}/nodePools/{node_pool}'
roles MutableSequence[]
Required. The types of role for a GKE NodePool
Optional. The configuration for the GKE NodePool. If specified, Dataproc attempts to create a NodePool with the specified shape. If one with the same name already exists, it is verified against all specified fields. If a field differs, the virtual cluster creation will fail. If omitted, any NodePool with the specified name is used. If a NodePool with the specified name does not exist, Dataproc create a NodePool with default values.




Role specifies whose tasks will run on the NodePool. The roles can be specific to workloads. Exactly one GkeNodePoolTarget within the VirtualCluster must have 'default' role, which is used to run all workloads that are not associated with a NodePool.