Class WorkflowTemplate (1.0.1)

A Dataproc workflow template resource.

Optional. Used to perform a consistent read-modify-write. This field should be left blank for a CreateWorkflowTemplate request. It is required for an UpdateWorkflowTemplate request, and must match the current server version. A typical update template flow would fetch the current template with a GetWorkflowTemplate request, which will return the current template with the version field filled in with the current server version. The user updates other fields in the template, then returns it as part of the UpdateWorkflowTemplate request.

Output only. The time template was last updated.

Required. WorkflowTemplate scheduling information.

Optional. emplate parameters whose values are substituted into the template. Values for parameters must be provided when the template is instantiated.



API documentation for dataproc_v1.types.WorkflowTemplate.LabelsEntry class.