Class SdkHarnessContainerImage (0.7.0)

SdkHarnessContainerImage(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Defines a SDK harness container for executing Dataflow pipelines.


container_image str
A docker container image that resides in Google Container Registry.
use_single_core_per_container bool
If true, recommends the Dataflow service to use only one core per SDK container instance with this image. If false (or unset) recommends using more than one core per SDK container instance with this image for efficiency. Note that Dataflow service may choose to override this property if needed.
environment_id str
Environment ID for the Beam runner API proto Environment that corresponds to the current SDK Harness.
capabilities MutableSequence[str]
The set of capabilities enumerated in the above Environment proto. See also