Class EphemeralStorageConfig (2.42.0)

EphemeralStorageConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

EphemeralStorageConfig contains configuration for the ephemeral storage filesystem.


local_ssd_count int
Number of local SSDs to use to back ephemeral storage. Uses NVMe interfaces. The limit for this value is dependent upon the maximum number of disk available on a machine per zone. See: for more information. A zero (or unset) value has different meanings depending on machine type being used: 1. For pre-Gen3 machines, which support flexible numbers of local ssds, zero (or unset) means to disable using local SSDs as ephemeral storage. 2. For Gen3 machines which dictate a specific number of local ssds, zero (or unset) means to use the default number of local ssds that goes with that machine type. For example, for a c3-standard-8-lssd machine, 2 local ssds would be provisioned. For c3-standard-8 (which doesn't support local ssds), 0 will be provisioned. See for more info.