Class ReleaseChannel (2.20.0)

ReleaseChannel(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

ReleaseChannel indicates which release channel a cluster is subscribed to. Release channels are arranged in order of risk. When a cluster is subscribed to a release channel, Google maintains both the master version and the node version. Node auto-upgrade defaults to true and cannot be disabled.


channel specifies which release channel the cluster is subscribed to.




Possible values for 'channel'.

Values: UNSPECIFIED (0): No channel specified. RAPID (1): RAPID channel is offered on an early access basis for customers who want to test new releases. WARNING: Versions available in the RAPID Channel may be subject to unresolved issues with no known workaround and are not subject to any SLAs. REGULAR (2): Clusters subscribed to REGULAR receive versions that are considered GA quality. REGULAR is intended for production users who want to take advantage of new features. STABLE (3): Clusters subscribed to STABLE receive versions that are known to be stable and reliable in production.