Class SecurityBulletinEvent

SecurityBulletinEvent(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

SecurityBulletinEvent is a notification sent to customers when a security bulletin has been posted that they are vulnerable to.


resource_type_affected str
The resource type (node/control plane) that has the vulnerability. Multiple notifications (1 notification per resource type) will be sent for a vulnerability that affects > 1 resource type.
bulletin_id str
The ID of the bulletin corresponding to the vulnerability.
cve_ids Sequence[str]
The CVEs associated with this bulletin.
severity str
The severity of this bulletin as it relates to GKE.
bulletin_uri str
The URI link to the bulletin on the website for more information.
brief_description str
A brief description of the bulletin. See the bulletin pointed to by the bulletin_uri field for an expanded description.
affected_supported_minors Sequence[str]
The GKE minor versions affected by this vulnerability.
patched_versions Sequence[str]
The GKE versions where this vulnerability is patched.
suggested_upgrade_target str
This represents a version selected from the patched_versions field that the cluster receiving this notification should most likely want to upgrade to based on its current version. Note that if this notification is being received by a given cluster, it means that this version is currently available as an upgrade target in that cluster's location.
manual_steps_required bool
If this field is specified, it means there are manual steps that the user must take to make their clusters safe.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > SecurityBulletinEvent