Class DecryptResponse (2.12.3)

DecryptResponse(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Response message for KeyManagementService.Decrypt.


plaintext bytes
The decrypted data originally supplied in EncryptRequest.plaintext.
plaintext_crc32c google.protobuf.wrappers_pb2.Int64Value
Integrity verification field. A CRC32C checksum of the returned DecryptResponse.plaintext. An integrity check of DecryptResponse.plaintext can be performed by computing the CRC32C checksum of DecryptResponse.plaintext and comparing your results to this field. Discard the response in case of non-matching checksum values, and perform a limited number of retries. A persistent mismatch may indicate an issue in your computation of the CRC32C checksum. Note: receiving this response message indicates that KeyManagementService is able to successfully decrypt the ciphertext. Note: This field is defined as int64 for reasons of compatibility across different languages. However, it is a non-negative integer, which will never exceed 2^32-1, and can be safely downconverted to uint32 in languages that support this type.
used_primary bool
Whether the Decryption was performed using the primary key version.
The ProtectionLevel of the CryptoKeyVersion used in decryption.